Module list

This is a list of existing dfTimewolf modules. To see how well they play together, see the recipe list.


  • FilesystemCollector - a simple collector that just passes a local path on to the processors.

GRR hunts

Launch or fetch results from fleet-wide GRR hunts.

  • GRRHuntArtifactCollector - Launches a fleet-wide GRR ArtifactCollectorFlow
  • GRRHuntFileCollector - Launches a fleet-wide GRR FileFinder
  • GRRHuntDownloader - Downloads results from a GRR hunt.

GRR flows

Launch and fetch flows on a specific list of hosts.

  • GRRArtifactCollector - Launches a GRR ArtifactCollectorFlow on specific hosts.
  • GRRFileCollector - Launches a FileFinder flow on specific hosts.
  • GRRFlowCollector - Downloads the results of an arbitrary flow.

NOTE: As a general rule, GRRHuntArtifactCollector and GRRHuntFileCollector collectors are asynchronous. They will create a hunt and return the hunt ID that should be used with GRRHuntDownloader once the hunt is complete. GRRArtifactCollector, GRRFileCollector and GRRFlowCollector will wait for results before exiting.


  • LocalPlasoProcessor - processes a list of file paths with a local plaso ( instance.


  • TimesketchExporter - exports the result of a processor to a remote Timesketch instance.
  • LocalFileSystemExporter - exports the results of a processor to the local filesystem.